New Blackberry outed

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  1. Kul Mani says:

    The Crimson does appear to be taller with narrow keyboard (quite ugly actually). But the major change (other than 802.11bg!) is really the ‘trackball’ for enterprise users rather than the trackwheel. I tried it on the Pearl and it was quite annoying for the two minutes that I played with it.

    As a consumer play, Pearl will be a huge success regardless of Indigo and Crimson in the short-term pipeline. For those who prefer Suretype over QWERTY (existing 7100/ 7130 / first time consumer users), it looks like Pearl is the only option for the next 6 months.

    btw, one can type just as fast on the Suretype keyboard of the 7100. Just need some practice. I am sure I will get used to the trackball as well…

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