TD Newcrest on the dying days of CDMA

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  1. AT says:

    Best of luck to WIMAX… HSDPA is clearly winning that battle…

    2. HP and Cingular launch global HSDPA laptop

    HP and Cingular Wireless launched a laptop, the Compaq nc6400, which features integrated Cingular Wireless UMTS/HSDPA-based technology. The companies claim the nc6400 is the first laptop with a tri-band UMTS modem, meaning it can connect to UMTS networks in the U.S. and more than 115 countries that have UMTS or GPRS/EDGE networks. The modem facilitates data rates up to 3.6 megabits per second in the U.S. Both HP and Cingular Wireless will market the new business laptop.

  2. Kul Mani says:

    CDMA is dead. It died yesterday, or was it the day before?

    Agreed. HSDPA is certainly the winner with over 40 (GSM)carriers launching or having already launched. Reliance made the right pick to spend more on GSM.

    So, I wonder what is is the next generation platform for CDMA carriers such as Bell and Telus? (they have EV-DO launched which is really 2.5G). EV-DV?

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