RIM Makes History

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  1. FLG says:

    Would take it over wheel on business rim. Easier on thumb. Easier to scroll.

  2. Kul says:

    Also announced at the 3GSM was windows mobile 6.0, which rivals the blackberry OS. Though not strictly all enterprise users, microsoft claimed to have sold 3 million windows mobile license last quarter vesus 1.8 million units for RIM. Windows Mobile will be overtaking RIM in terms of users in the enterprise market in the coming years. We were recently in California along with another Canadian team visiting a company. The CEO of that company commented “I know all five of you are Canadian coz all of you have blackberries”. In their office only one person had blackberry and other exec team were using microsoft mobile based smartphones.

    RIM may be the leader in the enterprise market now but if it starts alienating its very loyal enterprise users and start designing its devices like many other smartphones ie limited differntiation, its lead in the enterprise market is destined to disappear even more quickly.

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