Trying not to do a faceplant on Facebook

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  1. Pete Toth says:

    I recommend using a separate email account. One that does not alert you every time a message shows up in your inbox.

  2. Mark McQueen says:

    Pete just feels guilty as this was all his idea

  3. Pete Toth says:

    So I’m the teen friend? Since when did you start listening to me? And, since when have I ever felt guilty? 😉 Seriously, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Mark my words. (pun not intended) It reminds me of when the world wide web was just in its infancy. People poopooed it then. “Who wants to put pictures and text on the Internet,” they said, “how will they find my page?” Look at where we are today! Online trading, Internet banking, travel reservations, and yes, Facebook. The idea is simple, the interface is intuitive, the possibilities are endless. Wait a few years for the lopsided demographics to even out (after all, Facebook was originally designed with the college student in mind) and even grandma will be friend-hogging and friend-vulturing! New member registration growth is phenomenal and shows no sign of letting up. Most Facebook members visit the site every day and spend more than a few minutes there. I’m no expert, but I know this is going to be HUGE! Cheers!

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