Is it just me, or is Dell dying a slow death?

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  1. Ekorn says:

    Silly blog post.

  2. Mark McQueen says:

    That’s the best reponse that Dell can do?

    Here’s the server host of the IP address for the comment above. None other than Dell Computer Corp., One Dell Way, Round Rock, Texas:

    Looks as though the bunker mentality has settled in at Austin. You can’t turn around a company by denying customer pain.

  3. RMQ says:

    With yesterday’s paper came a glossy multi-page Dell brochure promoting back-to-school models. Wonder how many ordered this week will actually be in student hands when classes resume in September? Maybe Ekorn should stop defending the indefensible and help the fulfillment process.

  4. Rick At Dell says:

    My name is Rick and I am a member of Dell’s online outreach team. First and foremost I would like to apologize that the first response to your post came from Dell and did absolutely nothing to address your issue or even relay any pertinent information. A post like that goes against our policy for online communications, a policy we’ve had in place since late last year.

    I know that it may be a little late, but I would like to offer my assistance and try to get your issue resolved. As I am in the U.S. I am somewhat limited as to what information I can pull up regarding your order, but If you would like to email me your order information and perhaps a case number from when you called in, I would gladly get a colleague from Dell Canada involved and try and get this resolved for you. I of course will be available as a point of contact throughout.

    My email address is (please put “Attn Rick” in the subject line)


  5. Rick At Dell says:

    I just got updated from a colleague of mine who states that your receptionist has been in contact with us, and your order is currently on its way. If there is anything I can do to assist further please do shoot me an email.


  6. Mark McQueen says:

    Thanks for showing an interest, Rick! Good outreach. The machine arrived this morning. Whatever you did was appreciated. Not sure these things should take 5 weeks to arrive, though, when 7 days is forecast at the start. But at least it is now here.


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