Bluestreak closes US$20 million Series D financing

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  1. Symbian says:

    What partnerships with Symbian have you signed?

  2. Mark McQueen says:

    Thanks for the question. This is from a March press release:

    MONTREAL – March 22, 2007 – Bluestreak Technology, developer of the award-winning MachBlue™ platform for mobile and television, today announced it has joined the Symbian Platinum Program, a move that signals its continuing support for the growing market of Symbian smartphones. Symbian develops and licenses Symbian OS™, the market-leading operating system for smartphones. Symbian OS is licensed by the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers and to date, more than 110 million Symbian smartphones have been shipped worldwide to over 250 major network operators.
    Smartphones represent the fastest growing segment within mobile, growing at 46.6% compared to mobile at 21% year on year growth Q305 to Q306 reported analyst firm IDC. With IDC’s forecast of cumulative global shipments of smartphones due to pass the one billion mark by 2011, Symbian OS represents one of the biggest commercial opportunities in mobile.

    MachBlue, which enables rich-media applications, runs Flash®-formatted* files on mobile phones and digital TV set-top boxes. “The open standards and flexibility of Symbian OS are driving the kind of innovation that allows Bluestreak to fully demonstrate the power and value of MachBlue,” said John McCalla, CTO of Bluestreak. “By becoming a Symbian Platinum Partner, we can expand the reach of our platform and further cement our relationships with network operators, device manufacturers, and Symbian smartphone users.”

    “With the accelerated worldwide adoption of Symbian smartphones , we are always looking for new ways to enrich the user experience through the development and provisioning of rich-media content and applications that deliver appreciable value to handset manufacturers, operators and end-users,” said Jerry Panagrossi, vice president of US operations, Symbian. “Bluestreak’s MachBlue technology enables operators to launch fully integrated triple- and quadruple-play solutions that offer unified, branded user interface experiences across both smartphone and digital television networks.”


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