Lambton Kingsway church sums up faith-based hurdle

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  1. c says:

    This is a confused, and probably racist tirade.

    “Ontarians” were never a Nation of people. After a few generations of intermarriage they probably won’t look or sound like you – but it’s probably for the best.

    Whoever said patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels… well I think they probably meant “MRM”.

    & if Tory wasn’t an imbecile, he would have moved to stop funding to catholic schools. Dodging the issue with hopes of winning votes wasn’t a solution – it was a retrograde move.

  2. Mark McQueen says:

    not sure how 1) an Anglo Saxon member of the United Church is being racist by noticing that the Union Jack still flies in a United Church or 2) one is racist for wishing more Ontarians flew a Canada flag, or 3) wishing that the state didn’t fund any religious schools, even Catholic, is rascit – a wish that appears to be a view you share, as well


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