The editorial the Toronto Star should – but won't – write

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  1. Alpha says:

    Hopefully the Thall Family’s sale of TS.B shares signals that this liberal party rag is in financial trouble. I believe this newspaper has done the greatest disservice to GTA/Southern Ontario population by publishing its skewed propaganda.

  2. RMQ says:

    The Star could never run this editorial, it’s too well written. This is a piece of music. It has perfect pitch.

  3. Richard Feren says:

    um… you’re going to bash Wilfred Laurier???
    Don’t expect anyone to take you seriously.

  4. MRM says:

    Slamming Sir Wilfrid? No. I may have failed but I was attempting to communicate a couple of things by introducing Sir Wilfrid Laurier into the post:
    1) The Star’s proud 100+ year tradition as a Liberal newspaper. Laurier supporters bought The Star to help bolster their candidates’ standing in the Toronto market. Joe Atkinson was their hand-picked publisher, although Mr. Atkinson made the owners agree that the paper would be free to support other parties. 2) that Sir Wilfrid was seen to be a great leader and successful PM despite not tackling one of the key hot political potatoes of the day: a woman’s right to vote.3) That if The Star could herald a politician that avoided such fundamental issues of fairness, while bemoaning the lack of “leaders” in the world, it should be able to applaud politicians who stick their necks out on terribly difficult issues. Isn’t that what they are always advocating for our elected officials? Doing the right thing, not the easy thing?

    Sir John A. Macdonald and Sir Charles Tupper didn’t secure the vote for women either. The point isn’t a Liberal vs. Conservative one. It’s that newspapers and voters must recognize that they’ll get a certain kind of politican if they support and elect individuals who take the easy road. The road where voters are told what they want to hear not what they need to hear.

    John Tory shouldn’t have put faith-based funding in his platform. It was apparent on day one. By not recognizing on day 2 that the election wasn’t the right forum to engage voters on it, Mr. Tory lost 4 crucial weeks to connect with voters. The polls reflect how high that price was.

    But The Star still resides in a glass abode.


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