Boy Genius: PR genius, but a disclosure nightmare

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  1. Michael says:

    Well written and thought, your article does raise questions as to whether BGR’s site is profiting or if RIM is. From a user who enjoys tech and recently moved to a BlackBerry I can say I like the info that is posted. Techy types are more interested in the hot BlackBerry coming out and when.

    At the end of the day (I do not directly own RIM stock and have no clue what my 401k Stocks are) its good for RIM, its good for BlackBerry users and its good for the Telco’s. The SEC under the current administration needs to find a real focus instead of their current one, ahem Apple’s anyone, yes they should look for some Apple’s.

  2. Chris says:

    The posting of the picture of the clamshell was intended to get design feedback, and most of the feedback was negative.

    It was only later in the trading session that Wall Street had a lightbulb go off and say that it looked like BB was going after the lower end cell phone consumer, moving away from the corporate market.

    Some later opined they were going after the women’s market, with the flip up compact design.

    All the tech blogs are obsessed with finding out when the 3G iPhone is rolled out. If gets it right, and Apple shares pop on the word, should the FBI raid their offices?

    Go after RIM if you’re upset, if you ask me.

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