Kevin O'Leary is a rock star

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  1. s mitchell says:

    so, where does one find the shadow fund.

    O’Leary was promoting his fund on BNN today, which surprised me since he’s a host of the programme. It’s free advertising that’s for sure.

    I guess next month we can expect an Amanda his co-host) fund to be flogged.

    Rightly or wrongly, I’m pondering BNN ethics

  2. s mitchell says:

    so, where does one find your shadow fund?

    O’Leary was promoting/flogging this fund on BNN today, which surprised me because he is a co-host of the program.

    Perk I guess – free advertising.

    BNN – Ethical?

  3. wm says:

    I watched with interest how the fund popped today in trading after yesterday’s BNN show and OGE is proceeding to trade back down – a phenomenon very similar to what happens after Jim Cramer recommends a stock.

    What was interesting to me was that KO has ONLY $2.1 million in this fund. Isn’t he worth billions? I thought he sold his software company for something like $3.7 billion.

    As usual the dabbling retail investor seems to be on the wrong end of a pump & dump yet again, but who knows, maybe KO is 100% sincere in this effort. Keep in mind though that one of KO’s recurring pearls of wisdom is “It’s always about the money”.

  4. john beardsmore says:

    I don’t put much faith in this bald eddie shack.He’s all entertainment but i guess if the market rebounds he might do okay but i doubt he’ll beat it.Atleast now we can look at his performance not like his Monday morning quarterback rant and how he supposedly did this and that like he’s some kind of genius.

  5. Dave says:

    KO is a bit of a dirt bag. He preached the importance of transparency and low fees for years and now that he has his own fund – they are worth paying for. He also has outright **** on Market Call about past calls and positions. I wouldn’t trust him with my money, that’s for sure… Remember, he has said over and over again – all he cares about is making money. Sorry, not at my expense bud.

  6. bob guellford says:

    Kevin…I dont care if you lie to yourself…but to Canadians on National tv [ cbc ] is wrong.
    The major oil company revenues of 36 billion as you state to Heather is PROFIT..and AFTER TAX..please do not lie to Canadians and say they will pay tax on this 36 billion…

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