A message for Mats

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  1. Pete Toth says:

    Mark, it’s not always about money…

  2. Mark McQueen says:


    Ouch. Other than when charities are involved, I have noticed little in professional sport that isn’t about the “scratch”.


  3. Pete Toth says:


    Case in point – Marian Hossa just turned down better offers (more money AND long term deals) to play for contender Detroit.

    If Mats plays next year it will probably be for Toronto or Montreal. (anyways Vancouver is too far and wet) I think he’ll stay with the “mighty” Leafs.

    Some people do mature (even pro athletes) when they hit their 30s or 40s and actually make life decisions based not only on the bottom line. Mats seems to be going through a life change that only he knows about and I’m sure the ‘scratch’ has little to do with it. See: http://www.thestar.com/Sports/Hockey/article/421402

  4. Pete Toth says:

    Hat-tip to Self…

    Montreal Gazette

    Mats Sundin: Montreal Bound? – 7/8/2008 8:02:08 AM

    “It’s not all about money with Mats,” Carbonneau said. “I’m sure he has plenty put away over the years.” The Habs would love to add Sundin to their club as they embark upon their 100th season.


    Notice the almost exact quote. However, I still think he’ll stay in Toronto. Look at all the Swede-building the Fletch is doing. They might even bring in old Borje to be defensive coordinator. Underwear night at the ACC!

    Poor Don Cherry must be rolling over in his Lazy Boy.

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