From the desk of Dick Fuld, Lehman Brothers CEO

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  1. who says:

    interesting…but how real is it?

  2. Alberto says:

    Pleasant fiction indeed . . .

  3. Mark McQueen says:

    Dear Who

    I have no idea if it is real, but perhaps it should be if it isn’t.

    I was just having some fun.


  4. Alberto says:

    Well written an fun indeed . . . but Buffet got quite burned with Salomon (so much so that he had to get personally involved in fixing the business.) Doubt he would go on such a venture again. Cheers.

  5. Lance says:

    Very well written – enough so that it could be considered as potentially starting a rumor. And while it is not in vogue to prosecute people who spread ‘positive’ rumors, it ought to be.

  6. Lord Yap says:

    Your well written piece has been circulating in the internet and I have received mass email thinking that it is the real thing. Good piece of viral work!

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