Keep an eye on Apple’s Steve Jobs part 4

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  1. Aaron says:

    I think the Jobs health issue is the much bigger long-term issue. Investors know that Apple really needs Jobs.

  2. Fred says:

    The only issue I see with Apple saying he is over the bug is that 3 months from now they are going to be asked again and 3 months after that. If they say he is fine yesterday, they are committed to always answering the question because the moment they do not, the stock sinks as every analyst on the street determines that he is deathly ill. I was listening to CNBC yesterday (Fast Money) and I am pretty sure they spent about 15 minutes disecting why he was not on the call and why they did not just say he was fine and what did that mean when in all liklihood, he is just fine. While “no comment” might not be the answer investors want to hear, hearing it after 3 quarters of “he’s fine” is probably worse

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