Spadina private security the shame of Toronto's Tall Perfect Mayor

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  1. zeister says:

    This is a scandal but then David Miller, an English immigrant, has taken a page from the British Home Office. That is, if you don’t like the results lie about them. We know that Mayor Miller is the master of exaggeration, the bard of fear mongers and the prince of propaganda. Yes, I am referring to the handgun ban red herring. He is simply being consistent by putting his political agenda forward by any means possible. Facts be damned! He is not going to change. The only relief is to vote him out of office.

  2. Bill Gibbons says:

    A very insightful article on the disappearing local beat copper from Toronto’s streets. The same thing is happening in the UK. I emigrated from Scotland in 1994 and became very frustrated at the politically correct hiring practices of the Toronto Metro force. Being a white, heterosexual redhaired Scot doesn’t count any more. Rather than hire people who are capable of doing the job, they wasted millions on being politically correct. But, that’s another story. When socialist airheads like Miller waste their time on handgun bans, building more basket ball courts (to cut gang crime, presumably), and ensure that city cops are turning speeding motorists into national pariahs, break-ins, theft, muggings, drive-by shootings and other criminal activities are getting worse. Why not use private security companies to patrol neighbourhoods? If they are trained to a reasonably good level of professionalism and properly supervised (many are), then it is inevitable that more communities are turning to private policing to fill the gap that has been left by local politicians and bureaucrats who have decided to “prioritize” police duties elsewhere. It is a shame and should not happen in any town or city in Canada.

    But, I admit to having a biased opinion. As the owner of a security company in Calgary, Alberta, we are seeing a similar situation evolve here. When cops are busy with “other” duties, private security companies are taking over tasks that used to be the domain of the traditional beat Bobby (if I can use that term). The difference is, I hire coppers from the Philipinnes, South Africa and the UK to come here for two years on a work contract, thus ensuring that the security guards who work for me are trained, mature law enforcement professionals already. And they go through a Canadian orientation training program before bering put to work, under a Canadian supervisor to boot.

    The BIG problem here is, Communities become alienated when the beat copper vanishes and is replaced by a squad car that ‘might’ be directed to answer your call for help – if your call is deemed to be a “priority” crime, that is.

    Britain has found that coppers in cars do not deter crime, and the return of the traditional beat Bobby is now a priority in itself. Many Brits living here remember a police show called ‘Dixon of Dock Green’, about a London copper who patrolled his beat, knew everybody in the neighbourhood, kept the peace and was a trusted, reassuring presence. If crime is to be deterred, then Toronto must get back to the sort of traditional policing that most of us over 45 remember. There is simply no substitute for a local neighbourhood beat copper who is a trusted, familiar figure that can be relied upon to help during most situations.

    But will Toronto, or even Calgary heed the desire of its residents for a return of the beat copper? Only time will tell.

  3. Brad J. says:

    Anecdotal evidence is of limited use, but I see cops walking/cycling the beat with regularity in my neighborhood which is beside the city’s largest broken housing project (Regent Park). The amount of crime in our pocket is minimal, even lower than I would have expected before living here.

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