Speaking of the price of oil….

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  1. Andrew Stockwell says:

    Pricing of gasoline seems to have more to do with market forces than the actual price of oil. Because the consumer does not organize and “shop” for a better price, the gas station price does not have to come down. Why are prices different in different cities or areas in the golden horseshoe?
    If the consumer could be mobilized to avoid a certain brand station (ie Petro-can, shell, Esso) until the price improves, I think we would see a change in price (even if oil price was up, down, or sideways). People have promoted a don’t buy gas on a certain day (ie Tuesday this week) – so what – they buy the day before, after or theat day with less wait time. The consumer should buy according to service and price and use their heads.
    Economic theory is based upon a “reasonable” person making a proper decision. Instead, we complain about the price, buy the gas where ever and still drive foolishly, consuming more gas than we need to.
    We should “speak with our feet”.

  2. Pete Toth says:

    Gee, and I could ask “why is VISA still charging me 18% when Bernanke’s only charging two?”

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