Garth Turner campaign steps on a landmine

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  1. Pete Toth says:

    Garth the Bearded Huckster is in politics? Man, that’s hilarious. I remember his Toronto Sun column. He was shilling silver in the early 80s. I even bought a 100oz bar at $12 only to sell it half a year later or so at 8 bux. I lost 400 dollies – that was a lot then for a “kid” and never forgave him for that. How much is that with compounded interest today? You think I can sue him? Mind you he was big on GEAC too, and I bought it at $1.50. Sold it later at $1.60 so I could buy “really cool” speakers or something. Years down the road the share price shot up substantially. What ever happened to GEAC?

  2. Garth Turner says:

    Well, that was certainly objective. I look forward to your blog comments on your colleague on October 15th.


  3. Mark McQueen says:

    Mr. Turner

    Objective? Like taking a TV crew to your campaign manager’s house? That kind of objective?

    I’m one of the few people to have worked with you both, which shouldn’t serve to undermine my objectivity. To the contrary.

    It was one thing to give the Turner Team the benefit of the doubt when your campaign manager said one thing, and the CPAC crew said another. But now the CBC Producer is also telling tales?

    This was an avoidable train wreck. As a former journo, you know the media. The issue now defines the campaign.

    Keep your chin up!


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