BCE's LBO banks need a dose of common sense

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  1. gojotv says:

    In the interest of disclosure, what banks,(or other financially interested institutions, if any) do you own?

  2. Mark McQueen says:


    I own none of the 4 banks that are leading the BCE LBO lending syndicate.


  3. neil silver says:

    the banks are all ready getting a 20 % discount with the drop in the canadian $ since they are borrowing u.s$ and paying c$ . the new owners are all ready operating bell for their benefit with out paying the shareholders for it .if it comes back for a revote at a lower price i will vote against it.if the deal breaks bell can use the 1.2 billion and the saved div. money along with the 3 billion from the tel sat sale to buy back stock and pay an increased dividend. after a panic sell off to $15 (where i will be loading up the truck) i bet the stock settles back to around where it is trading now .re your earlier bce part 44 did you hear anything even off the record from teachers about why they are not buying ? i know i am every time it gets to $ 31 .

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