Skype deal: is it a tech or infrastructure deal?

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  1. Mark MacLeod says:

    Hey Mark,

    Here’s my take on the deal: I think they overpaid.


  2. duncan stewart says:


    One overlooked aspect is how synergistic it is with Avaya, which CPPIB and Silver Lake also own. The new world of CPE voice/video/data will be all IP. The new media servers and handsets (replacing the traditional PBX) will be all IP.

    Imagine me sitting in my Deloitte office: I can make a long distance call internally over our own network for practically nothing. But outside that network it could be costly.

    Now imagine my new Avaya phone has a button on it that says "Skype" — and allows me to call any other CPE phone (or PC) for free with a single click. And with all of Skype’s pretty good unified communications software and user interface?

    The ‘sensible’ price that a private equity investor paid for Skype might be x…but it could be much more than x if they ALREADY OWN A PBX COMPANY.

    Maybe Silver Lake and CPPIB aren’t as stupid as some commentators have been saying?

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