Throwing in the towel on my RIM shares part 3

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  1. Mark McQueen says:

    Amen, Agent Smith.

    You’ve got me thinking that RIM needs Mike to come back as CTO; and I’m not kidding.


  2. edeast says:

    I really like the q10; a lot. Oracle bought sun/java, Oracle is not known to play nice with licensing, but scoops into industries with locked in customers, and gouging them, so that is the story I tell myself. I believe QNX, has a lot of potential for multicore. However I really don’t technically know. I also believe it will be usefull, with more and more dense soc, programming (system on chip, dsp’s cpu’s, radios’ mems ram’ all on the same chip; also 3d stacked chips are coming. The ui of bb10 is being copied by other phones ios7, ubuntu. The qml UI, (qt) will also be used in the ubuntu phone. Getting rid of the secure network that anon mentions, is the major blow. That kills their differentiating factor, and I don’t know how they recover.

    I just wanted thor to cut harder last year, or retrain java devs to c++ which are similar languages OO(manual memory management vs jvm). Way too big of an institution now, where you only have 6 devices a year, need more highquality c programmers. For the app outreach guys they need actual programmers, not song singing marketers. I remember when android was coming out they had tim bray, to go to dev shops. However the api was still stabilizing through the winter, and I commited to making an app, as an independent dev, however, software takes longer than expected, and my non story may be others nonstory. I think they have potential, but they may burn cash too quick on their way. Also 41 apps usually installed on a mobile device at a time, I really wish they had just paid to port the top 20 in each country for launch.

    Also what I’m worried about is the microsoft fiat partnership edging out the chrysler/qnx. Damn. It is going to be tough.

    They need a value prop on using their now unused backend network services. What they could do is offer platform as a service, to app developers, (which is what is taking me so long) so similar to azure for windows, or amazon aws, but they would be able to offer benefits/cheaper, to blackberry focused apps, and corporate customers. Hybrid cloud, vpn, etc. But this may be too late/complicated/orthogonal to their business plan.

  3. edeast says:

    I mean as soon as Oracle got into Sun they sued Google for dalvik, so I can see why BBRY at the time, made the jump for qnx. And I think it was smart, but it has taken a long time.

  4. Madan Limaye says:

    You include comments from “Agent Smith” – I don’t know who “Agent Smith” is but his comments are at best rather vague and provide absolutely no detail on the merits and shortcomings of BB10 platform. All I read from him are terms like, “…after inferior design, after shoddy craftsmanship, and bickering beyond belief, seeped into every facet of the development process…”

    You say that Mike L. should be back – I have tremendous respect for Mike L. and I hope that he will be back at $BBRY as well – but not for the same reasons that you point to. I think you are aware that it was Mike who went about acquiring all the companies (QNX, Astonishing Tribe, etc.) and went about creating the the next generation architecture and strategy for Blackberry’s future – BB 10, BES 10, etc. Knowing Mike’s technical prowess I doubt he would have built something inferior when putting together BB10, BES10 and reworking their network. As “Agent Smith” and Thorsten has pointed out practically every single line of BB10 has been rewritten – like any software it takes time to get back all the functionality – instead of showing some patience you have left hopes on Blackberry just after a couple of months of BB10 launch! The amount of improvement I have seen since 10.0 (currently I am running the leaked version of is just amazing.

    Please don’t abandon Blackberry – instead, people like you, who are very influential in Canadian society, should be supportive of this company’s effort to pull itself back.

    I am long $BBRY and I have written this based on my personal experience with the Z10.

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