Confusion reigns over BlackBerry M&A process

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  1. Andy says:

    Not sure if you noticed this, but the Cisco mention was apparently fabricated, as per Dan Primack:

    *** There was a report late last week that BlackBerry was “in talks” with three big tech companies – Cisco, Google and SAP – about a possible buyout of all or some of the company. So far I’ve learned that the Cisco mention is bunk, and I’d suspect the others are as well. Just another desperate leak from a flailing board of directors (and, perhaps, its bankers).

  2. Mark McQueen says:

    Thanks Andy

    Crikey! I’d trust Dan. He has excellent sources.


  3. Yes it will be better for blackberry to go through with this process if it wants to survive. You have really highlighted pretty good resources.

  4. Jeki says:

    Dear Mark:

    What is the board’s legal obligation if it is best for the company to be taken private as a whole, but they have an expert opinion that a break-up would result in a greater return to shareholders.

    Aren’t hareholders who are not on the deal “oppressed?”

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