Is now really such a good time for a new Ontario pension plan?

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  1. EM says:

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    “…. when encouraging entrepreneurs to add staff should be the primary concern of governments ….”

    Yeah and when those ‘added’ staff reach retirement age? Then what? I’d have expected more foresight from the sector that is supposed to be more efficient and effective than government, according to Kevin O’Leary (i.e., the private sector).

    I, for one, worry about my kids. They have absolutely no worries whatsoever about their future retirement income sources …. and they should.

    Call it a ‘tax’ if you will, but Ontario has the right idea. Call health care % of total income tax revenue a ‘tax’ (what a minute – it is!) but it ensures a healthy population to work for you entrepreneurs.

    Not funding future retirement income streams for today’s “Generation-X” or “Millennials” or w/e they want to call themselves is just as destructive to Canada’s overall health, as not sufficiently funding our health care system.

    Case close. Next?

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