When did the Toronto Star decide "progressive" was a synonym for NDP?

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  1. Jordan Berger says:

    1) What would the NDP agenda be, with regard to municipal politics, and how is it established? There is simply no mechanism for the Party, even if it wished to do so, to impose an agenda through municipal councillors. Are you doing your readers a favour by conflating all suspected moderate or left-leaning councillors with the New Democratic agenda, whatever that might be?
    2) The Star endorsed a number of candidates, many of whom are associated with the Liberal Party actually.
    3) In fact, the Star was at pains in the most recent provincial election to argue that the Liberals, and not the NDP, were the “progressive” choice for voters.
    4) I can think of only one or two occasions on which the Toronto Star did not follow its tradition of endorsing the Liberals provincially and federally — where is the evidence that the Toronto Star has a pro-NDP bias, instead of a pro-Liberal one?

    Other than the hysteria and inconsistent logic, great column!

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