"Access to Late Stage Capital" is not Canada's key innovation hurdle

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  1. Mark
    Interesting thoughts and it’s good that you’re weighing in on this debate. I looked at the stats on venture funding recently and found that Canada actually makes more seed company investments per capita than any country in the OECD. This is perhaps why our seed and A rounds are smaller on average than others, we’re spreading ourselves too thin. While you think the solution is more money at this stage, I think we just need to spread it amongst fewer companies.
    As for the amount of money available for later stage. I’ve done an analysis of this and you can see it at http://www.impactcentre.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/160914-Canada-VC-Puzzle.pdf
    While the climate for later stage financing is improving, we still don’t have enough funds with enough money to adequately finance all of the Canadian companies who could use later stage capital.

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