Free fighter jets – to a good home

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  1. AMT says:

    I trust you sampled the merchandise before investing…

  2. Mark McQueen says:

    The truth is that we didn’t. We knew that the planes existed (FAA confirmed that), and that the fellows we were backing had serious CF-18 flying time with the Royal Canadian Air Force.

    When the planes were first acquired they had to go through an ejector seat refit. Excuse #1.

    Then they were in Florida on revenue generating missions with CDN Air Force client.

    Then they were in San Diego with CDN Navy client.

    Then they were in Cold Lake with CDN Air Force client.

    Then they were in N.B. with CDN Army client.

    Whenever we threatened to use our “right of inspection” to get one, the one available to “inspect” was always in Montreal being serviced by Execaire. “Sure, come up and see it. But the engine is probably apart right now.”

    Joining the Board of Directors didn’t help.

    When I was on the staff of a former Assoc. Minister of National Defence we visited CFB Lahr, then home to a wing of CF-18s. I was offered a ride in a CF-18, but turned it down. Didn’t want the Vancouver papers to hear about a staff joyride at the Minister’s expense. Your primary job was to not get the Minister in hot water. That was the right decision.

    But this time it rankled just a bit. 🙂


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