Distinctly Confusing Nation Building

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  1. Andy Nulman says:

    Ahhh Mark…Welcome to my world. I’ve been living this debate my whole life, and as a member of the Nation of Short Mobile Media Entrepreneurs and Part-Time Goalies, I am seeking official recognition of my most distinct distinction as well. All kidding aside, your post is very astute.

  2. Mark McQueen says:

    It was interesting to read the papers this am. We all are to feel comforted that the fact that this motion refers to a people and not a Province. Somehow this distinction ensures there will be not legal meaning to the motion.

    Not so fast: now that the House of Commons has recognized that Quebec is a “distinct society” and that Quebeckers are a “Nation within a United Canada”, why is it that this will not matter a whit to the Courts?

    If apologizing to a certain ethic group in the House of Commons exposes the government to possible financial liability for internment 65 years ago, as many a government Minister will have been briefed by his/her public servants, why is this particular “non-binding” resolution benign when the others were allegedly malignant?


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