TD Newcrest on iPhone threat

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  1. Tom Purves says:

    “The iPhone is not an enterprise device”


    In the tech sector (as in savvier verticals in sub-enterprise-level SME) space have already en mass adopted Power Macs and Gmail Calendar docs spreadsheets etc.

    the apple II and original PC weren’t necessarily enterprise products either until people began dragging them in to work and corporate IT eventually took notice.

    RIM is in a powerful position now, but also in bed with the traditional “enterprise 1.0” infrastructure of centralized IT. How well by comparison will their devices be integrated into the Enterprise 2.0 Sofware as a Service IT model of the future?

    could be, they’ll do fine (RIM’s have web browsers too) but time will tell.

    Remember, for a long time (pre-shuffle) apple held the lion share of the portable music player market, despite only offering, by far, the most expensive product.

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