Questions for today

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  1. Ian Graham says:

    Long time reader, first time comment post. I really enjoy your blog please keep up the excellent posts.

    Tough choice, but I will go with number 1. You might also want to add why is tourism Ontario, the ministry of health and a number of other ministries spending tax dollars to tell us how great they are. The spending of taxpayer dollars on the ads and timing of these ads is questionable.

  2. Mark McQueen says:

    There was a huge Tourism Ontario billboard along the Gardiner Westbound this summer in Toronto. The [Liberal?] ad agency planned it so well that the “Ontario” logo was white, positioned on top of a white outfit of a dancer. You couldn’t see the name of the province unless you stared at it quite carefully; something that isn’t easily done by folk son an expressway.

    Thanks for the kind comments. This blogging thing is a beast of a burden so we do appreciate that folks get some value out of it occassionally.


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