Angus Reid sees VERY tight start to Ontario Provincial campaign

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  1. Debbie says:

    As the parent of four children attending non-Catholic faith-based schools it is my belief that no tolerant fair-minded Ontarians will advocate for continued funding for Catholic schools within the public school system while shutting out all non-Catholic schools – after all, if the kids are getting a great education, what does it matter whether or not we are funding secular or faith-based? As people are being educated to the facts, that Tory is inviting these schools to join the public system with conditions, support is rising. As people see McGuinty for the hypocrite (he attended public Catholic school, as did his kids) support for the Liberals goes down. McGuinty shows his lack of morals and ethics by suggesting that Inclusive Public Education will be funding “private” schools (they will no longer be private!) and by insinuating non-Catholic faith-based schools are somehow non-Canadian. My kids’ school is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year since the first branch opened in 1907 in Toronto – let’s make the 100th anniversary party a celebration of Inclusive Public Education. Taxpayers of all faiths pay education taxes and deserve a public education in their faith. John Tory has the leadership skills to tackle this and other tough issues while McGuinty flip-flops for votes.

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