Environics Ontario campaign poll

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  1. Alpha says:

    People really have to start looking at the big picture:

    – a proposed $400-million faith-based funding initiative that is really impacting only 3% of the population


    – these incompetent Liberals trying to implement a $50-billion in new energy development that affects 100% of the population. Or these yahoos at the helm of $550-billion economy as we enter a period where a US recession (and slowdown here) looks more and more likely.

    Plus, most second term governments in my lifetime (both federally and provincially) are significantly more inept and much more corrupt the second time round. Considering this Liberal government’s first term, I think we’d be pushing new lows if they reach a second term.

    I guess a move to Chicago or NYC for a couple of years wouldn’t be so bad to wait for this province to come to its senses.

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