Globe columnist joins the toll road gang

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  1. Alpha says:

    I’ve written my councilor about this issue and suggested that they seriously considering selling a portion (somewhere up to 49%) of the Gardiner/DVP to an infrastructure group. As I pointed out, there’s a glut of infrastructure private equity looking for first-tier assets to acquire, so they could very favourable valuation terms. In addition, you have one of the largest toil road operators running the 407 and I’m sure they would be a very aggressive bidder in an attempt to increase their footprint in the area. If the city were to sell a large portion of the Gardiner/DVP, they could easily replenish city coffers to the tune of a a couple billion dollars.

    Also, I would love to see the city to explore leasing subway tunnels for new lines (hello Eglinton East/West line) from infrastructure groups. If I recall correctly, Brookfield was going to structure CP’s rail lines in that fashion when they purposed their buyout earlier this year.

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