Nanos Research finds Canadians optimistic, even cheerful

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  1. Dave Forde says:

    How much longer will Canadians still feel upbeat is the magic question? Personally I think the good times will only last another 2 years as of November and then we’ll be reading new results from their poll.

  2. Alpha says:

    No better time than now to go out and start an investment-based company (hedge fund, specialty lender, niche private equity group, etc).

    It seems that the Ontario provincial government is finally walking up to how important the financial services sector and is going to take steps to grow it (see today’s link for Andrew Willis Blog)

    I would love to see the Ontario government setup a fund-of-fund structure (similar to the recent development of the Ontario Venture Fund) but focus solely on incubating niche finance/insurance/capital markets plays. We have some unbelievable fund-of-hedge fund/specialty finance groups in Toronto (DGAM and Northwater Capital), that could easily help incubate dozens of these group.

  3. Alpha says:

    Sorry I meant to post mine in the Bay Street Bonus section

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