2007 stats for Canadian & U.S. Mezz / Sub / Venture debt

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  1. AT says:

    Canada only did about $50M in the US last year… How much do the American sub-debt guys do in Canada? Comerica, etc.

    Isn’t Duff Ackerman based out of San Fran?

  2. rob d says:

    Yes, Duff Ackerman is based in SF – they led a mezz deal that included OTPP, hence its inclusion on Thomson Financial. (Our summary table gives full credit to lead investor.)
    American lenders typically don’t report to Thomson and we don’t have details on their volume in Canada.

  3. AT says:

    Thanks! I tried a search in Thomson VentureXpert for US Firms that did Canadian deals in 2007. Came up with a list of 87 Canadian companies, but it includes all VC, Mezz and PE and in some cases multiple rounds. Can send you the list if your interested.

  4. rob d says:

    I think we’re working with the same list, but if you know of “mezz” deals that aren’t included in our summary tables, we’d love to get the details.

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