Just sit tight – unless you've got the chance to raise capital

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  1. gaic says:


    Interesting article.

    We’re building a Free Entrepreneurs Investors Community. Our idea is to connect entrepreneurs/inventors/investors together.They can post their projects/capital needs. Most entrepreneurs/inventors are too isolated and just don’t know what to do. They also do not have all the financial resources to raise money. We will be honored if you can participate to our community.

    If you are able to provide any exposure of our site to your users, we would greatly appreciate it.

    I leave you the decision to publish the address of the website (thestreetmarket.com).

    Thanks and good work!

  2. Brad J. says:


    Just wait until these cuts get priced in!

    Also, it looks like spammers are nailing your comment section pretty hard lately, have you thought about turning comments off or moderating them somehow?

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