Getting to "yes" on BCE

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  1. Duncan says:

    Hi Mark,

    I just wanted to say that this is not only the best post you’ve ever written on the Wellington blog, I think it is probably the best (and most thoughtful/useful/reasoned) post I have EVER seen on a financial blog.

    Well done — you have provided a service to investors and (if they are smart enough to read it) the participants in the BCE takeover.


  2. Alpha says:

    I’ll go one further on step three – BCE/Teachers’/Providence should either spin-off or sell their data centres in a specialized trust. Something similar to Digital Reality Trust (DLR-NYSE), in that they manage properties that are technology-specific.

  3. matt roberts says:

    I agree with Duncan. Mark an amazing post.

    Any guesses as to how long until Dead Tree steals it?

  4. Mark McQueen says:

    Thanks for the kind comments.

    Duncan – simple ideas are often the best.

    Alpha – good idea.

    Matt – we don’t mind the DTM lifting stuff so long as there’s a Hat Tip to go along with it.


  5. Pete Toth says:

    While on the topic of Hat Tips…


  6. MEG55 says:

    Why not OTPPB and/or banks start buying shares in the open market right now (quietly)? It has a 12.2% discount as of today.

    If they can get 10% of the shares in the market, they will save additional 1.22% on top of the two dividends.

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