Keep an eye on Apple’s Steve Jobs part 2

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  1. AdamC says:

    A sad day to see this kind of blog taking credit for a sell off in a great company, F**king sad.

  2. Mark McQueen says:


    I don’t think we are taking credit for the stock being down, but for being one of the first to point out a concern that has now gripped Apple watchers. Some of our team members own it, so why would we want to jawbone it down unnecesarily? Apple is a great company, but do they have a deep management team? That’s partially what’s driving the stock down in my mind; there’s, suddenly, a recognition, that it may all be about Mr. Jobs.

    The observation to take away is 1) the internet has a viral nature when it comes to stocks, both up and down, and 2) the Dead Tree Media’s long term survivability needs to be based upon more than linking to the work of unpaid bloggers, several days into a story.


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