The anachronistic Brewers Retail

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  1. jp says:

    Here here. Time to throw the crooks out and end the greedy alliance between government and big business. The Beer Store hurts not just the small producers but also the consumer by inhibiting our ability to choose. Ontario is way behind the rest of Canada, the U.S., Australia, and Europe on this issue and should privatize.

    MRM, dunno where you saw wine being sold in Loblaws. As far as I know wineries can still only sell out of the LCBO and from their on-site store. Some Loblaws may have a small “Wine Rack” or “Wine Store” attached, but these are owned by Vincor or Andrew Peller, Canada’s biggest wine cos. The number of these non-LCBO stores has been fixed since 1987 at around 250. Speaking of the LCBO, there’s another relic that has to go. It always amazes me that Ontarions put up with such a patronizing outfit and all the hypocrisy that comes with it. No wine sold after 5 on Sunday, for instance, but you can buy cancer inducing cigarettes 24-7.

  2. Mark McQueen says:

    Thanks for the support JP

    I know that the wine stores are not actually resident on the Loblaws or Whole Foods floor space in question (and have separate cladding and signs), but they are as close to the food aisles as the lottery terminals are.


  3. Ontarian Expat says:

    Ah, the LCBO.

    I grew up in Ontario, and now live in California.

    In California, anyone can buy beer and wine in their corner store. There are more local craft breweries than I can count, and they’re doing things with beer I didn’t know were possible. We take our beer seriously down here, and that means we don’t cut ourselves off from the rest of the world. There are half a dozen places within 20 minutes’ driving where I can get stuff like Unibroue’s whole line of Fin du Monde, Ephemere, Blanche de Chambly, Don de Dieu, Maudite, and even their once-a-year Anniversary ale. All of ’em. In 750mL containers.

    When I was last vacationing in Canada, I couldn’t even find *any* of those at the LCBO. I was floored — I asked the clerk if they had any of Unibroue’s beers, she said “No, but I think the Vintages (LCBO’s “highbrow” store) store had them for a few weeks last year.” Wha??? Unibroue’s based in Quebec, barely a few hours’ drive from the store along the most highly-travelled road in North America!

    It’s a bloody travesty that I have better access to a wider range of Canadian beers (separated by some 3000 miles and an international border!) than I do back home.

  4. Sadly, Unibroue was bought by Sleemans in 2004.

    It’s too bad, apparently the beer parties hosted by the owners at the brewhouse in Chambly Quebec were quite the show!

  5. Orlo D says:

    I could not agree more. I have contacted my provincial representative regarding the above but they are unwilling because they think it will increase underage drinking. Everybody should contact their provincial representative and get this changed!! I can find six packs (the amount I buy at a time) only from the major breweries, imports expensive micro beer or can beer at the beer store. I started to enjoy Red Cap (as a change. I prefer German which is both cheaper and tastier.) but I can find it only in 24s whic I won’t buy!

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