Put Citigroup out of its misery

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  1. nano says:

    this is the worst idea Ive heard in my whole life, I need to talk to my son 4 yrs(though is writting this)to stop watching Sponge Bob

  2. Mark McQueen says:


    I still think that Time Warner’s merger with AOL ranks as a worse M&A idea than this one.

    As for it being the “worst idea” ever? Hmmm, I’m thinking Brtiney Spears’ last performance on MTV? How about Eliot Spitzer booking Ashlee Dupree? Mike Tyson’s last comeback? Hugh Grant’s Desiree Brown pickup? The Spice Girls reunion? Giving North Korea and Iran the bomb? Pam Anderson’s judgment in men? Funding Osama Bin Laden’s Afganistan campaign against the USSR? Appeasing Hitler in 1938? “New” Coke? Bill Clinton and Monica?


  1. March 10, 2009

    […] that anyone has been listening to the small fry (see prior post “Put Citigroup out of its misery” June 26-08), and rightly so, but the recently released Global Finance Magazine rankings of […]

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