An i-bankers survival guide part 2

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  1. Pete Toth says:


    Tip No. 11 – Sell 40 Shares

    Sell It, Dump it, Cash Out.

    Find a nice, safe, offshore mattress. The Capital Gains Tax (you got that in Canada?) you end up paying will look like a sweet deal come 2009.

    But then again I’m no Bay Street Wizard and maybe a wee bit paranoid. Ok, maybe more than a wee bit…

    Also, still trying to figure out why Mark allows my posts through. Charity, a good laugh, or a bit of both?

    Either way, big thanks and an even bigger mo-fo hat tip to MRM, who, I’m sure, that deep down, (where it matters most) is a damn good egg. Shhh, I promise not to tell anyone…

    (my two cents worth – EUR cents, naturally)


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