Of the Order of Canada

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  1. judy says:

    If Larre did not return his Order of Canada back in 1992, why is he fussing now? printed by Canada.com in their article,

    In 1992, a Saskatchewan jury convicted him on two counts of physically abusing children in his care at Bosco Homes and acquitted him on nine other charges. Larre was sentenced to one day in jail and paid a $2,500 fine for one charge of common assault and one charge that he forced pills down the throat of a teenager to teach her a lesson about drug abuse.

    The National Parole Board of Canada pardoned him five years later and erased the charges.

    In 1998, Larre registered as a psychologist in B.C.

    His work, however, has prompted a number of complaints to the B.C. College of Psychologists in recent years, court documents show. There were no allegations of abuse, but individuals and other psychologists have questioned his methods and the quality of his work. Last November, the college held an extraordinary hearing and suspended his registration pending a disciplinary hearing because it felt he posed “an immediate risk to the public.” The public, however, was never told of that at the time.

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