What is with the Wii supply chain?

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  1. JVL says:

    As it stands, in this “next gen” gaming world, the Nintendo Wii has the largest install base in the world – 19 Million units and counting or something like that. That beats out the PS3 and Xbox 360 (it’s closest “competators”) by a large margin.

    So they’re doing something right, even if the supply chain is still doing something wrong (to my knowledge, they are also the only current system manufacturer turning a profit on their actual hardware).

    IMHO, the only explanation I can come up with, because any big manufactuerer should be able to produce to fill (look at Apple), is that it’s the line at the club mentality – where there’s a line-up outside, but once you’re in the place is nowhere near capacity – which creates an heir of exclusivity, it’s more than just “I want that”, it’s a hyped up “I NEED IT” and may create the impulse purchase when one does show up in store. (These are rare so maybe I’ll buy two!)

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