Throwing in the towel on my RIM shares part 2

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  1. Jack Fitzgerald says:

    Mark I was going to email you as well

    It looked very suspicious on your part to say you stuck with it that long and then suddenly you bail days before the catalyst of positive earnings and a string of announcements and positive guidance from THOR (many would believe you got a check in the mail or really large suit case full of American money & you slam BB/BBRY on A blog WHY???????? call in the PR team)

    There is 182 million shares shorted & a 5 $ rise in the stock price, will cause the short position 1 billion dollars as a group & if they’re unable to unwind before 19 bucks(Jefferies Peter Misek’s target price) its btw 12 days to cover at present, at 24 (which is the next platform for the technical side) is 2 billion you see where i’m going

    So it looks awfully suspicious to those of us Value investors who truly see a future at Black Berry

    Here is my predictions:

    EPS 1.00 street is .05
    10M+ hand set sales street is 7+ 4m 10’s 3 m 7.0
    4 Billion in cash

    BBRY Estimates (in my utopia of course)

    Street consensus estimate is 5 cents (.05) 3-4 million bb10 sales with 7.0 down to 3m units for a total of 7million

    Q4 bbry beat the street by .50 cents .22 gain : street est.30 loss

    Q1 if that happens again ,50 cent beat were going to 26$

    If it goes over 1.00 with license deal with Sony and Lenovo ( lenovo having bought marketing & manufacturing rights to blackberry, 2Billion cash deal add that to the 4b were at 6b in cash)

    RIM becomes RIM again (notice they haven’t changed legal name only the ticker symbol) serving software and service and pow to the moon .. 60 bucks, maybe 100 dollar with short squeeze

    There are only 250m share available to cover 182m short I am contending the other 275m shares are with value investors who buy and hold ( ie: FFH, Mike L & yours truly)

    OMG is this going to be ugly for shorts

    if you own shares well breakup value of company is minimum 18$ Patents, cash, property and other saleable assets

    If you’re a long option investor well there is risk, but in my estimation holding a position in the shares is good business

    there o.oo down side according to my analysis of situation, but UP OMG ( that’s oh my goodness )

    risk reward is perfect here folks buy the shares and don’t let any noise try to convince you of selling its the demand for shares and there short supply that influence stock up, so yes real share holders can control the price not day traders and junkie gamblers who would rather see a company fail for their personal benefit

    So here I am retail investor who owned Apple in 1995 at 4 bucks and you are a in the investment business I presume with you being on BNN and all, what are you thinking ????????

    It appears you better enjoy the money, some think, you sold your professional reputation out for.

    If NO and you are genuine I will apologize in advance for the skeptical group


  2. Thisblogsucks says:

    Troll and a shaved ape.

  3. Trish says:

    Peter Lynch approach?

    Think you may have taken liberties as to his concept vs an emotional rant that may have been better suited to you providers help desk.

    Do think your current customers should be looking at better alternatives. You of all individuals should know of the inherent upside of today’s price points regardless of the short term fluctuations. Not sure of your recent returns…. Hope they stand and return using the “McQueen’s frustration” approach.

    Think you have hit your tipping point…oleary your not.

  4. edeast says:

    Good Call;
    I gambled pretty heavy and lost.

  5. vijay says:

    I have been a loyal and admiring blackberry user thru many models, the last being the 9700. The phone started to give me some cryptic messages such as “28>=28” and also stopped syncing to BDS. I thought what a perfect time to switch to Q10 with 4G. Love the hardware, love the speed for browsing. But am shocked at how cumbersome it is to do what I think are the most basic tasks. Try replying by text to a phonecall you cannot take since you are in a meeting. I could do that practically blindfolded earlier. Try copying a single phone number from a contact and texting it to someone else.
    Within a week, started getting messages to update OS but would not wirelessly update the OS. It would freeze at 99% download. Found out that someone had hijacked my “Blackberry ID” and assigned a security question that I had no idea what it was. Only real help on support line was to setup a new fake email address and use that as an ID.

    why is it impossible to customize the icons to have an icon for emails. Why can one not have contacts on the hub. Effectively now there are TWO home pages and it takes time to go from one to the other.

    I am getting to slowly learn how to use the phone, but what is probably THE most disappointing is the battery life. I am at one notch by end of day even without too much time on the phone even though I do extensive emails.

    Could Blackberry or RIM, not allow one to sacrifice some of the screen real estate and allow users to use the old features by placing the menu/phone/escape etc keys as “software” buttons, that one could use through the touchscreen.

    I am not giving up on Blackberry. Just that I almost want my 9700 back. The device never broke, the software on it did and I could not reinstall the OS.

  6. D Wheeler says:

    Yes, im a little disappointed with my bb10. Sometimes u have to keep averaging down. This approach doesn’t always work (think NT). But if you pick companies with sufficient cash, it works more often than not. So as a great Canadian (im referring to u) I’m a little disappointed to see u throwing in the towel. With a slow summer likely ahead, I’m still hoping to have the chance to buy more shares at cheaper levels.

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