Blackberry Q10 v2.0 software upgrade a good start

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  1. J says:

    3rd party DEV released MAKE for Starbucks (can load cards, find stores). Needs 10.2 OS

    I’m surprised 2100 mAh battery doesn’t last a day, but at least you can buy spare ones
    Maybe try a Z30 with 2800 mAh 🙂

  2. Cub says:

    Blackberry used to be “the business persons phone”. Let’s face it, the email exchanging functionality was better than any other phone. With this said the BIGGEST mistake/issue/problem in my eyes is the terrible inability to edit tect quickly, cut/paste and the near impossible task of highlighting a phrase quickly to copy.

    On the 9900 you could hold the alt key and “swipe” on the track pad. I don’t see why that incorporate that function now. Hold a key down and swipe across a section of text to highlight quickly. This would be a great compromise to the missing track pad or ball.

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