Leo tells it like it is on Blackberry

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  1. Charles says:

    You have to be kidding if you are hailing your moment in the sun as some sort of journalistic coup. For starters, you, by your past commentary, have a preconceived attitude about BBRY. With that in mind you asked a question and were so elated with the fact that the answer jibed with your attitude and, most likely, short position that you failed to ask any good follow up questions. For example:

    1. Leo, who were the “others?”
    2. Leo, do any of your pension funds invest in
    technology companies?
    3. Leo, do any of your funds hold any BBRY shares?
    (none do, by the way)
    4. Leo, were any of the “others” people from the
    mobile device industry?
    5. Leo, was Prem Watsa on or off the Board of
    Directors at the time?
    6. Leo, did you sign an NDA with BBRY or Fairfax,
    such that Prem Watsa could divulge the BBRY
    forward business plan?

    Now, by your comments and other public statements made by those commenting on your BNN interview, the world thinks BBRY does not have a viable forward business plan. But, Mr. de Bever didn’t say that, did he? You and others have implied it.

    The fact that you have tried to make so much hay of these rather vague and limited comments by Leo de Bever truly demonstrates either your vested interest as a short or your pour journalism skills.

  2. Mark McQueen says:

    Hi Charles

    Thx for stopping by. I’m not short BBRY, and have never been. I get a lot of heat from a few Blackberry shareholders, and I understand their frustration: http://www.markmcqueen.ca/2013/06/26/throwing-in-the-towel-on-my-rim-shares-part-2/#axzz2lOe8Fa82

    Hey – I was once one of them.

    As for my journalistic chops, I can assure you I won’t be quitting my day job for a spot with the Fourth Estate.

    I’m sorry if the post sounded like crowing, but must disagree with one point: Mr. de Bever’s answer didn’t jibe with my “attitude” about the company, but with my previously-published analysis of the BBRY M&A process while it was still underway. If you think the writing sucks, or the analysis is skewed for trading purposes, you are welcome to delete me from your blogroll anytime.


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