Friday interview with lawyer Suzanne Dingwall Williams

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  1. Duncan says:

    Hey – we all love bad ’70s music. But to REALLY give yourself a thrill, it is more or less obligatory to WATCH the concert performance of “Brandy” by Looking Glass.

    Back when rock stars didn’t have image consultants, would be my guess…

    More seriously, I thought Suzanne’s answers to 5 and 6 were brilliant. Too often VC deals protect people with nothing but money in the game, and gut the motivation of the people who actualy built (and continue to build) the firm.

    Duncan Stewart

  2. Great comments. In particular, Suzanne’s warning of clauses that allow VCs to freely transfer their shareholdings is to be heeded.
    VC money is supposed to be about the growth of the a living business – we are partners with the entrepreneur and all that.
    When shareholdings can be transferred, it’s one short step away from the ATM machine thinking of the dot com. Pretty soon, these shareholders are wanting money and that kills a business.
    And what’s wrong with the song, “Seasons in the Sun”?

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