No surprise in MaRS scandal

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  1. Gil Katz says:

    No surprise, but a sliver of a silver lining may be in more free furniture coming soon to the UofT Swap Shop or equivalent.

    Ten years ago the UofT Excelerator was closed, furniture moved to the Swap Shop, and the free desks and cabinets helped our startup.

    In a very twisted way I suppose it helped the economy.. 🙂

  2. Omar El-ahrairah says:

    Been following the MaRS story for over a decade and finally it took this election campaign to blow the lid off this sham. Started with good intentions I will say. John Evans wanted MaRS to be a global signature address for commercializing the world-class research going on at UofT and affiliated research hospitals. Laudable goal indeed, however, the failure of MaRS is as much about political expediency as it was a failure of innovation policy by the likes of the Ministry of Research Innovation (MRI). I always felt that MaRS was a great backdrop for McGuinty photo ops. And he made the most of it!

  1. June 5, 2014

    […] McQueen of Wellington Financial also gives a tough analysis of the situation, highlighting that in contrast to the $500m for the MaRS building, only a paltry amount is going […]

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