CPP Investment Board lenders learn painful lesson as Rubicon Minerals "melts down"

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  1. Jim says:

    We should have all known there was something wrong. Possibly these mines should be proven first, spend some money and drill holes every meter around a hole that has showings of at least
    16 grams per ton. Dig down to that depth by drilling holes all around the good hole in a circle of 3 foot radius, load the holes with explosives and shoot. Muck it out and get down there.
    Clean the hole out and then haul the ore out with a bucket conveyor. This gold mining is about producing gold not just about spending money. No point in building a mill for the little bit of gold found so far, a lot cheaper to have an existing mill do the work.
    So drill shoot muck, produce some gold and then pay yourself a ridiculous salary.

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